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Assisted Living Services

Holding Hands provides the care and monitoring your loved one need on a regular basis. Feel secured and have peace of mind by having us take care of your family member. With our services, they can maintain living independently at home by having someone watch over them and help them in times of need.

We provide a wide range of non-medical home care services. Each is designed around our clients’ interests and abilities. Here are just some of the many ways we help:

  • Medication Reminders
  • Assisting with Mobility and Transfers
  • Assisting with Personal Care (Bathing, Grooming, Etc.)
  • Preparing Meals and Feeding
  • Assisting with Daily Activities
  • Transportation to and from Medical Appointments and Workshops


Be an Active Partner in Healthcare

We encourage you to ask questions about our services. The caregiver assigned to your loved one should be able to communicate your needs and work together with you for the best care. We are dedicated to ensuring client safety and providing exceptional care each and every day.

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